SPIN - Issue 101 (2019)

4 SPIN 101 © 2019 The Ménière’s Society Society News A Word from the Chair of Trustees This is SPIN 101 • Not the repository of your greatest fears • Not an Introduction to Rotational Physics • Not even a basic exercise class • We all know it is much more important than that! Over the years the Ménière’s Society has invested just over £1 Million supporting research projects and we have just about reached ‘Research 101’ level. It is not cheap, it is not easy, but it is vital if we ever want to fully tackle the roots of our conditions. Wallet/Purse Alert - We Need Your Money! Your membership fees are enough to pay the standard running costs of the Society: the office, the staff, the helpline, producing Spin, subsidising the conference, etc. There is nothing left in that pot to fund research. Research is funded by donations, gifts in wills, and individual and group fundraising efforts. We are really grateful to everyone who takes part in these - THANK YOU SO MUCH. All that money has now been allocated! At the last Trustee meeting we had to make the sad decision to close our research funding application list for the moment. It was a horrible thing to do. So many good applications are out there, and if the Society wants to be part of moving on from ‘Research 101’ we need to be part of funding research applications. We need to do more, we want to do more, we can do more - with more money! If everyone could raise or give £10 for research we could open applications again immediately. More would be great - we could easily spend five times that much straight away supporting high quality research. So, there it is - we need more money - we need your money - we need the money of your friends and family. We will even take the money of your enemies!! So please: • Have or join in a fundraising event. • Dig down the back of the sofa or cash in all those fiddly little coins you can never get spent. • Get involved in Balance Awareness Week (page 8). • Ask everyone you know to help. • Remember us in your Will. • Find out more about become a regular ‘Research Supporter’ (see page 26). I hope to see lots of you at the Conference in September. Enjoy the rest of SPIN David Renton Chair of Trustees