SPIN - Issue 102 (2020)

4 SPIN 102 © 2020 The Ménière’s Society Society News A Word from the Chair of Trustees Welcome to the first Spin issue of the ‘20s – Happy New Decade to everyone!! 2020 is the centenary of the introduction of Prohibition in the USA, not the cheeriest way to start any new decade; I am sure we can do things better this century around. Have you ever spent an idle moment wondering what defines the perfect full cooked breakfast? Perhaps I have too much time on my hands, or more likely it is simply that winter weather in Edinburgh prompts daydreams of fat-rich warming meals first thing on a misty morning. Mayhap you are already thinking of a classic Ulster Fry; of everything delicious slathered with brown sauce inside a stottie; of a roll and sausage (NOT the same thing as a sausage roll!!); of lava bread or haggis; black pudding, white pudding or even fruit pudding? And, of course, there are the eternal great debates: link sausage or square sausage? Brown sauce or red sauce? Fried bread or toast? Regional variations are without doubt one of the ineffable joys of travel – and I have loved them all at different times and in different places, but surely there must be a core of key items? It would feel cruel and unnatural to force me to imagine my own perfect cooked breakfast without bacon and eggs, without sausage in some form, or without baked beans (or some other vague gesture toward five a day). There must be some kind of leavened dough product, and a chipped mug (NEVER a cup) of tea with at least four sugars! All very well, but you may be thinking “what’s this got to do with Ménière’s?” Well, how do we define Ménière’s? Does it always come with exactly the same set of symptoms and no others? Does everyone have the same Ménière’s experience? Is there a single thing that causes Ménière’s? It is certain that, just as my perfect breakfast must contain bacon and eggs, Ménière’s must include dizziness, but that relationship is not commutative, as our conference report ‘Dizziness - Not Just One Cause’ (page 11) discusses. Also unmissable is an article on Ménière’s and renowned breakfast-lover Jonathan Swift - further fascinating food for thought. Without further ado I shall leave you in peace to enjoy those, and the rest of Spin. I’m off to make breakfast… Happy 2020. David Renton Chair of Trustees