SPIN - Issue 100 (2019)

4  SPIN 100  © 2019 The Ménière’s Society Society News A Word from the Chair of Trustees — 100 is a Magical Number A Century — of cricket runs or snooker balls — of years lived or issues published — is always a momentous occasion. This is the 100 th issue of Spin. We have reached our own very special Century! This is an opportunity to remember the people who have helped to make the Society what it is today. I could not even begin to name them all in so little space, so I shall mention just two who are on my mind at this moment: Our wonderful Founder and President Marie Nobbs created the Society in the first place. I have written about Marie at length previously, so all I need say here is that without her there would be no Ménière’s Society. There have been so many trustees over the years. Trustees give us their time and expertise without stint or surcease — and do it all simply for the reward of a task well done. Peter Joiner was a Trustee of the Society for many happy and fruitful years. When he was elected as Chair, sadly, illness made it impossible for him to give everything to the role that he would have liked, and that his vast experience would otherwise have eminently equipped him to do. Peter recently died of cancer. He will be missed by all of us who knew and worked with him over so many years. We all send our best wishes and sympathy to his family. With Spin at 100 issues old we can celebrate everything the Society is and does today: • We have an amazing office team who make it all keep happening every day • We have an ever-strengthening group of trustees • We have a thriving and active research programme which has now spent over £1,000,000 supporting high quality research projects What is ahead now? What will the Society look like come the 200 th issue of Spin? It is deeply unlikely that I will be writing the introduction to that issue in a quarter of a century’s time. Perhaps you, dear reader, will be the person to pen that? I am sure of one thing — what the Society looks like in another 100 issues is up to each one of you — because everything we do is driven by and for our members, and it is up to you to help shape the Society’s future. David Renton Chair of Trustees