SPIN - Issue 99 (2019)

SPIN 99 © 2018 The Ménière’s Society 3 Society News A Word from the Chair of Trustees The Ménière’s Society’s changes this year may not have involved the same level of military precision as The ‘Changing of The Guard’, and as far as I know no one involved owns a Busby, but the makeup of the Board of Trustees has also altered noticeably since 2017. A number of long-serving trustees have decided the time has come to move on to pastures new, and one new trustee, Rory MacNeill, was appointed at the 2018 AGM. I am also very pleased to say that highly experienced trustee Pennie Ford was elected to the position of vice-chair. Pennie has an extensive background in the NHS, and Rory brings with him significant Business experience and skills. I shall ask Pennie and Rory to write a few words about themselves for future editions. Meanwhile I would like to pay tribute to those who are leaving us. Peter Joiner, Richard Wheen and Geoffrey Howard have around a third of a century of Ménière’s Society experience between them, and we shall miss their skills, input and expertise. Over those years they have put in an enormous amount of hard work and helped the Society change and develop into the thriving modern charity that it now is. They leave with my best wishes personally, and I am sure with those of the rest of the trustee and office team. We also have a new member of the office team; Kelly Boyson, who initially joined us as a volunteer, is now our new fundraiser. Kelly brings us a new perspective and in particular provides expertise we were sorely in need of in social media. All of these changes mean we have a trustee and office team which is on average younger than it was, and has a better gender balance. There are a number of further trustee applications in the pipeline, and we are still actively looking for expressions of interest from people with experience in research or in HR. If that might be you, or if you know someone who might fit the bill, please do get in touch with Natasha at the office in the first instance to find out more. (All trustees must be Society members.) The Alice who escorted young Christopher, and his rather more famous bear, to the then relatively newly reconstructed royal residence was not the Alice who could magically become larger or smaller at the drop of a pill or draught of a potion - neither did we expect our Conference speakers to be the bearers of magical Ménière’s cures. They did significantly address a number of fascinating issues and helpful tactics. The majority of this issue of SPIN is devoted to a write-up of their presentations. I hope you find it, and the online resources also available; fascinating, informative, and helpful. David Renton