SPIN - Issue 99 (2019)

2 SPIN 99 © 2018 The Ménière’s Society Contents Society News A Word from the Chair of Trustees 3 Meet the Team: Kelly Boyson 4 Can You Help? Meeting Room Required 4 Articles and Features Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) 5 Hearing Dogs 7 Air travel and Ménière’s: getting the right help when you need it 9 Developing a glass half full approach to living with Ménière's 11 Balance Disorder Spectrum 13 Vestibular Migraine 14 Research Understanding Ménière's Disease: A Big Data Approach 17 Music & Ménière's: Insights into Music Listening & Performance through Hearing Aids 21 Funding Future Research 27 Fundraising and Awareness In Memory Of 4 Legacies 8 200+ Club 28 Free Will Service 29 Balance Awareness Week 2018 30 Donation and Fundraising Thanks 34 Feature Fundraisers 35 Fundraise at no extra cost! 38 Peer Support, Local Groups and Networks Ménière's Society Social Networks 12 Dear Spin 38 Penpals/EPals 39 Group News 42 Power Against Ménière's 44 Local Group Listings 45 Paper from responsiblesources FSC ® C020438 MIX ® Contributions to the next issue: To submit articles for consideration for a forthcoming issue, please email spin@menieres.org.uk or write for the attention of Spin to Ménière's Society, The Rookery, Surrey Hills Business Park, Wotton, Surrey RH5 6QT. We reserve the right to edit all material submitted for publication. Advertising and Sponsorship: Inserts in Spin, along with quarter, half or full page adverts are available; as well as sponsorship of Spin or other Ménière's Society publications or events. For more information about advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Natasha on 01306 876886 or email natasha@menieres. org.uk On the cover: Fundraisers Barbara, Greg and Chris (pages 35-37) Published by the Ménière’s Society ©2018 Typeset and printed by Hobbs the Printers, Brunel Road, Totton, Hampshire SO40 3WX